Flexibility: The Key to Constructing the Best Indoor Practice Green

Love golf, but can’t always get out to the links to play a full 18 for one reason or the weather? Of course, you do. If the kids have grown up and started off on their own path to life improvement, this home improvement project can make incredibly satisfying use of their old bedrooms. If the kids are still home and you can find the room somewhere, an indoor putting green is a great way to spend time with them before they finally do head off.

Why an Indoor Putting Green?

Why an indoor putting green? If you really care that much about improving your putting game, why not just invest in one of those electronic putting machines that returns the ball when you manage to make it land inside a tray? Well, for one thing, out there on the actual golf course, you rarely get the benefit of a tray that captures a rolling ball. Why practice putting in a manner that bears no resemblance at all to the actual game?

Why Not Just an Indoor Putting Green?

The best indoor putting green is not just one that does away with the ridiculous notion that you can improve you game by firing off ball after ball into the wide-open arms of a tray. Think about the time spent on actual golf course. The greens. The cups. Not all the same. Not even variations on a theme. Each hole on each green is different. But even that’s not the point in doing everything possible to find a way to build not just an indoor putting green, but an indoor practice green.

What’s the Difference Between an Indoor Putting Green and Practice Green?

An indoor putting green is a fabulous tool for perfecting generic strokes. If you have a problem with the yips when you get nervous about a highly stressful put on any 18th hold on any golf course in the world, you can do much to improve your game by constructing an indoor putting green. An indoor practice green, on the other hand, transforms the focus from putting to practice. When it comes to golf, practice is not just about form, but content. The content of each hole.

Why an Indoor Practice Green?

The value of endowing as much time and labor as you can possibly afford into building an indoor practice green can be summed up in one word: flexibility. The best indoor practice green is not one in which you expenditure is focused on replicating reality. In order words, do not put all your money and labor into a simulation of a theoretical, generic green. Your money will be much better spent creating an indoor practice green that can be rearranged to allow long sloping breaks to the left or shaggily cropped zoysia grasses or bumpty traverses from 20 feet away that results from weekly manicured greens rather than daily manicures. The best indoor practice green is one that affords the flexibility to correct your own specific failings and flaws rather than one that looks like a dead ringer for some reality outside your home. You can get reviews of greens online at BestReviewsHub.com.